Fred Adams

Dr. Fred Adams was raised in Omaha, Nebraska, in a non-Christian home. He became deaf at age one due to high fever. At age fourteen Fred was at Bill Rice Ranch for the first time where he saw {heard} about the Gospel and Hell. He accepted Christ Jesus as his personal Saviour on July 25, 1974. In 1977, Fred attended Hammond Baptist High School and graduated in 1979. He began teaching Sunday School when he was 17-years-old. Fred surrendered on December 24, 1978, to God’s call to preach the Gospel to the deaf. After graduating high school, he went to Tennessee Temple University for two years. Fred and Sherrie had first met and become friends at Hammond Baptist High School. Then they met again at Tennessee Temple Schools and began dating. They were married on July 11, 1981. In the Fall of 1981, Fred transferred to Temple Deaf College, where he graduated in 1983. While in school, he became Evangelist on the weekends. After finishing school, he became a full-time evangelist. Dr. Adams was a full-time evangelist all over America for 11 years after graduation from Temple Deaf College. He was ordained by Pastor Eugene Bordean, Pastor Bob Baker, Pastor Arlie Spargur, Pastor John Rohrer and Dr. John Clark at Firestone Road Baptist Church in May 1987. Fred was a pastor of Sword Deaf Baptist Church in Mason, Ohio in 1989 for 20 years as a Missionary Pastor. God leads Fred and Sherrie to move to Knoxville, TN in 2009 and started the new Deaf Church, Sword Deaf Baptist Church in June 2010 in Clinton, TN and resigned as pastor in May 2016 . He is a full time missionary to the deaf as helping/strenghtening the deaf ministries, deaf churches and the deaf work. Also is a president of Sword Deaf Baptist College since 1999. We have three sons, Christopher-32 years old, John-29 years old married and Matt-27 years old. All of them live in Cincinnati Ohio. They all are hearing and working as Sign Language interpreter.


Chris Harris

Chris Harris was born into a Deaf family in Danville, Kentucky.  He attended the Kentucky School for the Deaf, and went on to attend Gallaudet University. It was there at Gallaudet where the Lord first started to work on his heart, showing him his need of salvation.  Up to this point in his life, he had never been interested in seeking God, in spite of the fact that he had often attended a Southern Baptist Deaf Church throughout his childhood. During the summer of his junior year, Chris started to take a look at his life, and realized that there was neither peace nor joy in his heart.  Through the testimony of his brother, Pastor Jeff Harris, Chris realized that he needed to change from the life of sin that he had been living.  He left Gallaudet and then moved to Oklahoma City, where he attended Oklahoma Baptist College. It was in the summer of 2004, at the Deaf Baptist Fellowship of America, that Chris finally realized that he needed to accept Christ into his heart. After graduating from Oklahoma Baptist College, Chris married his wife, Diana.  He worked as the Deaf Pastor at the Windsor Hills Baptist Church for 5 1/2 years.  Then, following God’s guidance, in 2013, Chris and Diana moved to Berlin, NJ where he is currently serving as the Deaf pastor at the Solid Rock Baptist Church. He and his wife, Diana are the parents of Abigail , Brandon , Ashlynn and Joshua .


Reggie Rempel

I was born deaf and grew up in Canada where I attended a Deaf School. I was saved at the age of 16 while attending the Bill Rice Ranch. I graduated from Tennessee Temple University in 1978 and 1980 with a degree in Theology and a Bachelor of Science. I became a Missionary to the Deaf under BIMI in 1982. For the next 12 years I traveled as a Deaf Evangelist throughout the US and Canada. My wife Kim and I started many deaf ministries in local churches. After more than 10 years of starting ministries, we started BIMI Deaf Camp in order to create fellowship among the ministries we had begun.

Deaf people began to surrender their lives to go into the ministry themselves, through the ministries we had started and through the camping program. I would recommend schools to these deaf; however, many of these schools closed their deaf programs due to the financial burden of a specialty program.

I often asked myself who would one day be my “Timothy” when I am gone. How could I find training or train young men to serve the Lord as my wife and I had done for so many years? How could I give them the opportunity which I consider the greatest privilege, that of sharing the wonderful gospel of Christ with the deaf?

After several years of praying and seeking God’s guidance, my wife and I felt led to begin the BIMI Deaf Bible College (now Harvest Deaf Bible College). God allowed us to sell our home, and since I had built it, we were able to profit a sizeable sum to use in purchasing the property for the school. BIMI Deaf Bible College began in 1994 with 12 students. Since that time we have averaged between 20 and 40 students a year in all programs and have graduated over 50. Many of our graduates have begun deaf churches or are serving in missions across the globe.

God then allowed us to begin Faith Christian School for the Deaf (now Harvest Christian Academy for the Deaf) on the premises of the college. This allows deaf children to get an education focused around the Word of God. They can also look to good role models in our deaf college students.

In 2001 we established Harvest Baptist Church of the Deaf, also on the premises of the college. I felt burdened to better train our men in the area of church planting by having a deaf church for them to work with while in school. God has blessed in an enormous way and the church has been the biggest blessing yet!

Harvest Deaf Ministries (Harvest Deaf Bible College, Harvest Christian Academy for the Deaf, and Harvest Baptist Church of the Deaf) are a multi-faceted ministry geared towards the training of the deaf to reach the deaf for Christ. Reaching the deaf for Him is the ultimate goal of this ministry.

I appreciate the honor of sharing Harvest Deaf Ministries with you.

In Christ,
Dr. Reggie Rempel

Scott Crabtree

Scott Crabtree was saved as a 17-year old, hard-of-hearing, young man after four teenaged girls invited him to chrch.  Two years later, he headed to Oklahoma Baptist College where he surrendered to the call of God to preach and to work with the Deaf.  He has been working with the Deaf now for over 33 years.
Scott's ministry experience includes serving as Deaf Pastor at Windsor Hills Baptist Church in Oklahoma City for 23 years, High Street Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio, for two years, and Temple Baptist Church in Powell, TN, for five years.  He also served as the Deaf department and interpreter program director for Oklahoma Baptist College and Crown College of the Bible.  Scott has had a wide range of other Deaf ministry experience including:  Deaf Bible clubs, Deaf revivals, interpreter workshops, Deaf conferences, sign language classes, coordinating Deaf camps, and serving as a board member for the Knoxville Center of the Deaf.  He and his wife have also been personally instrumental in starting a Deaf ministry in Davao, Philippines at the Mt. Apo Baptist Church.
After more than 30 years of working with the Deaf and hearing, he has had the privilege of seeing those he has trained to reach the Deaf on five continents around the world.  Scott is currently serving as the Pastor and founder of the LifeSigns Deaf Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio. His wife, Tricia, is a nationally certified interpreter and they have three children:  Scottie, Jessalyn, and Brooklynn.
Psalm 19:3

Nick Dignan

Pastor Dignan received the Lord as his personal Saviour during the summer of his senior year in high school. It was during that senior year when he wrestled with God about turning down football scholarships and going to Bible college to study for the ministry. He eventually yielded to God and turned down those scholarships and went to Bible college! He then met the love of his life and married Ashley who has been a great blessing to him and the ministry. They have been blessed with two wonderful children.

Before coming to Val Verde Baptist Church he was the Associate Pastor of Bible Baptist, of Jefferson City, MO for 15 years. He also has a heart for the Deaf since he is a C.O.D.A. (Child of Deaf Adults). He has preached to and interpreted for the Deaf for many years! 

David Garcia

Pastor David Garcia was  born in Chicago, IL as deaf blind and he received Christ as his personal Savior at age of 14 and he had been a member of First Baptist Church in Hammond, IN for 14 years and he attended Hyles Anderson College for 5 years and he graduated there in May 2006. God called him to start his deaf ministry under Ravenswood Baptist Church in Chicago, IL in September 2010 and he was ordained by Ravenswood Baptist Church on January 2011 and he became pastor for 7 years until present.